Trio Instructors Jump Into Action at Expo

Trio Instructors jumped into action and put their lifesaving skills to use during a recent conference in Montgomery, AL!

Staff Instructors Alan Nummy and Carol Davis along with Training Assistant Taylor Bartlett were managing our expo booth at a statewide school health sciences conference when they received word of a major accident that happened just steps away. All three acted as first responders and put their first aid skills to use right outside of the Montgomery Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center when an SUV plowed into a wall leaving multiple individuals injured.

Trio instructors provided patient care, stablized the scene, and helped transfer care over to Montgomery Fire / Rescue. Staff Instructor Carol Davis stated, “I cannot stress how truly amazing our staff at Stop Heart Attack /Trio Safety responded.” She continued by sharing, “It is an honor to work with each of you who selflessly react and give to others be it knowledge, time, advice, or education. Each day, I learn something new and realize how truly blessed we are to have such awesome people working beside us.”


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