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Alan was our trainer yesterday and had a very diverse group to train here at our corporate office. Alan was a very good trainer, in that, he took time to answer questions and give lots of real world examples from his personal experience. I thought that having a trainer that has real world experience and has had to perform CPR on numerous people gave a level of credibility to the training that is unmatched. People were engaged and wanted to hear what he had to say. Alan was also very positive in his training style giving positive feedback to some in the class that I know where wary of being able to perform CPR effectively, after the training, they were good to go. Thanks again Alan, look forward to you sharing your knowledge with us soon.Lee Travis, CSP, MPHSenior Safety and Health Specialist Vulcan Materials Company
Lee Travis
13:06 18 May 18
This was a great experience. Our staff instructors, Rob and Carol, presented the materials great. Will be coming back here for my renewal! 10/10 would recommend.
Luke Bowden
22:59 14 Jul 18
I always feel like I have learned valuable information when I join in this class. I have been to these instructors for every 2 years of my required CPR programs and never have I felt uncomfortable or made to feel like I couldn't provide what was needed to help support life. Thank you Brad.
Darlene Jones
17:01 20 Jul 18
Class was informative, fun and provided the knowledge to help average people save lives! & they had free snacks 🙂 I enjoyed that our lead instructor, Robert, was very experienced in law enforcement and community safety and made the process quick and painless. Also, our co-instructor, Taylor, was a true sweetheart who made the experience welcoming and comfortable and I know she will make a wonderful RN one day.
Rachel Jacobs
15:23 04 May 18
The blended course was very convenient and made learning the material easy. The skills session was personal and effective, they make sure you know exactly what to do before you leave.
Melisha Snoddy
13:01 16 Jul 18
We had Alan ( from Trio Safety) to come to our dental office to instruct our CPR COURSE yesterday. (Trio scheduled us at the end of our day so we could still see our scheduled patients.) Alan was very organized and informative. He made it an enjoyable learning experience. Of course, we hope never to need to apply what we learned but we are much better prepared now. Thank you for a great course and experience!Thomas S. Jones, D.M.D.
Tom Jones
12:46 10 Aug 18
What a great organization and exceptional class! The instructor was thorough, engaging and slightly entertaining ?. I recommend Trio Safety to all our personal trainers at HomeFit and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for CPR/AED Training.
Lynda Ratliff
12:47 05 Aug 18
I just completed a CPR course with TRIO and it was fantastic! My group was a little wary going in, because we were nearing the end of an 8am-8pm day, but Alan and Brad made this class so enjoyable, that we were all laughing from the beginning to the end. Alan and Brad brought their unique life experience to the table, and I learned so much more from the little "true life" stories they used as examples. 10/10 would recommend this business for your CPR certification needs!
Sarah Bartley
14:55 28 Aug 18
I took the BLS training last night with Alan and Brad. Our nursing cohort had already been in labs for 8 hours, so we were all pretty tired by the time their class started at 5pm. We all expected a boring class, but Alan and Brad made it extremely engaging, funny, and easy to learn. I would recommend them to anyone!
Alyssa LaRocca
12:48 28 Aug 18
We had an Amazing instructor .... I love how he was able to place our lord savior into the class. VERY informative and helpful he made a 5 hour class feel like maybe 2 hours !
Amy Horton
02:44 24 Aug 18
I am a repeat customer with Trio for my BLS certification and wouldn’t go anywhere else!Brad taught the course last night and is extremely enthusiastic & knowledgeable while also making the course as entertaining as a CPR course can be. I hope to never have to use it, but I feel prepared thanks to Trio should the situation present itself. Keep up the good work!! I also love that Trio is a faith-based organization:)
MaryBen Fitts
12:42 28 Sep 18
I was monitored by Alan Davis on 11/1 and it was great. I was so nervous and afraid that I wound not do well. Alan made me feel comfortable and provided a calm atmosphere which allowed me to get it done!! Thanks so much!!! I'm an AHA Instructor now!!
Vickie Harris
21:38 03 Nov 18
Alan was awesome! The environment is conducive for any learning style. I enjoyed it. Especially the feedback when I needed it.
03:19 16 Nov 18
Overall, a good experience. The cards were not printed for attendees, rather they were emailed. That being said, the card did arrive the same day. I wanted to give them 4.5 stars, as I usually reserve 5 for outstanding services, but I'm not able to do so. Overall, it was a good experience. I would both use this service again, and recommend it.
Russell Hawkins
12:11 23 Sep 18
Trio Safety is the best place I have honestly taken a CPR course. Once receiving the training in the CPR/First Aid/AED course I gained the amount of knowledge I needed and immediately enrolled in the Instructor course with TRIO SAFETY!!! If you want to learn CPR and feel confident in it, go to TRIO SAFETY! Thank you Trio Safety for providing me the knowledge to go out and teach the proper way to administer and instruct CPR/First Aid/AED to students!
Cody Parrott
13:59 19 Nov 18
I found Rob Drake, the instructor both informative and entertaining. I learned a lot and had fun at the same time.
Michael Richardson
18:16 26 Jan 19
Great instructors! Painless process! Highly recommend to anyone looking to become CPR, AED, and First Aid certified.
MaryFrances Gaston
01:10 26 Dec 18
My instructor was Carol, she was amazing. She made sure that she was clear and precise with all the information given.
Kenneta Rogers
15:52 06 Jan 19
This was done at our office and was a good class, to the point and allows demo sessions to ensure that the content is understood
Bexy Philip
17:47 28 Feb 19
Great class and the instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable. I went for recertification, the class size was great, time used wisely, the Q&A great. I knew what to expect from beginning to end. Again, great class.
Kimberly Sales
20:31 04 Mar 19
Alan, the instructor, was great! He made the atmosphere calm and easy to work in. I would highly recommend them if you want to get any sort of certification.
Sheau Lam
20:00 16 Mar 19
Went to the provider CPR renewal class. Great class, would recommend to anyone who needs to renew their CPR card..
Louisa Stone
15:09 17 Mar 19
The instructors are highly qualified, personable, and provide a comfortable and low-stress environment for learning. Plenty of equipment and supplies to work with and a good pace maintained. I highly recommend them for BLS certification.
Joy Davenport
20:09 17 Mar 19
I took this training class yesterday(03/21/2019). Awesome experience. I learned a lot and I appreciate the knowledge. Shout out to Carol Davis, thanks for the much needed info! (BTW, I passed my exam, 100%)
frederika phillips
13:06 22 Mar 19
This company did an amazing job teaching 2 CPR/AED training classes for our company!!! We will definitely use them again!
Amanda Owensby
20:21 28 Mar 19
Very informative. Brad was realy friendly amd encouraging. Great overall experience.
Anna Wells
14:10 15 Apr 19
This program was very informative and was easy to use for the most part. The videos and simulation was a little lengthy but did help me prepare for the live training. The live training instructor was very friendly and informative.
Natalie Chambliss
15:45 25 Apr 19
The training site and instructor, Taylor Bartlett, was great! Thanks for sharing your experience.
01:35 01 May 19
Very friendly and Instructors were patient and engaging. A great team! Thank you Brad and Alan!
Father To All
12:24 02 May 19
I took the instructor course in Huntsville yesterday and had Brad Skiff as my instructor and he was great! Had a very upbeat positive attitude and provided us with great training and feedback to help us be successful! Look forward to being aligned with this company!
Omari Crawford
12:48 18 May 19
Great course that will not put you to sleep. Will keep you focused and make you understand the importance of the certification.
Emily Buster
19:43 23 May 19
Wonderful experience being trained by Trio Safety. Very thorough. And the instructors are engaging and enthusiastic--and fun!
Mollie Burt
16:17 31 May 19
Location easy to find. Well trained and capable teachers! Small class size which is easy for learning!
Kaitlyn Martin
13:23 07 Jun 19
The class instructor named Elizabeth was great!!! She was extremely nice and knew what she was doing. She and the other instructor were sure to see if all of the class knew how to preform cpr. I am grateful for the skills to save another’s life. Thank you Trio Safety. ?
Yellow Flower
18:49 12 Jun 19
Very helpful! So glad I choose this facility to do my BLS certification class! My instructor and his wife were both so kind!
Charli Jayy
16:42 07 Jul 19
Trio Safety did an amazing job at teaching my how to perform CPR. I took the BLS Provider course from Dennis in Birmingham and he was incredibly helpful and hands on with the training. He also gave us advice about things we will encounter in the real world as to prepare us further! Great clean training facilities and very professional.
Amanda Petty
12:15 12 Jul 19
I had a great experience it was a very informative class with real like examples, pictures and through descriptions. The instructor was very helpful showing everyone the right techniques and making sure we were confident in our ability to perform CPR!
Courtney Michele
14:13 21 Jul 19
I will happily take all of my future healthcare classes with this company. Alan and Victor were amazing!
Rebecca Hulsey
12:05 22 Jul 19
Taylor was an excellent trainer. She covered each skill slowly and in detail. She was very knowledgeable and I feel very confident in my ability to perform high quality CPR after taking her class.
Gage Stoudenmire
13:01 27 Jul 19
The class was fun and educational. The environment was relaxed and the instructor engaged the students. I dreaded it at first but it was fun and time flew by.
Shanda Banks
18:26 04 Aug 19
Best ever experience for PALS! The instructor was well informed and presented the material in an easy to grasp and fun way! Will definitely use again for other recertifications.
Cindy McGuire
14:17 11 Aug 19
The instructors were very informative and made learning easy and fun. I took the BLS class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend this class for anyone who needs it.
Whitney C
15:23 11 Aug 19
As always, I loved refreshing my knowledge of CPR, AED, and first aid. We can never learn to much about helping people. My Instructor and his assistant was very helpful. They were very patient while answering our questions and they took the time to make sure that we were comfortable throughout each and every procedure before proceeding to the next steps. They let us know that there were cold water and snacks for us. I a veteran foster parent of many years so I really appreciate being refreshed in knowledge of safety for my babies. Thank you all for all you do. You all ROCK!!!!!!MATTIE
22:48 16 Aug 19
Best class I’ve ever had Elizabeth is the best trainer I’ve ever come across. She gives you REAL LIFE Scenarios to work with. It was so much FUNNN
15:16 20 Aug 19
Best CPR class I have had so far! The instructor was super helpful with tips and tricks and went over a lot of stuff I had never been taught before. I took the class in Huntsville and I highly recommend Elizabeth Davis! I will continue to use this program throughout my career!
Allison Yancey
23:08 20 Aug 19
Best CPR training ever! Victor and Brad were energetic, engaging, and professional. If you have to take a CPR course, choose Trio Safety because you will not only be trained well, but enjoy your experience in a way that helps you remember what you've learned.
Rachel Darby
13:06 29 Aug 19
I took my BLS course here and really enjoyed it! The instructors do an excellent job of explaining the material and they make it really engaging. Highly recommend!!
Lillian Jones Dunaway
01:33 02 Sep 19
I have been in the medical field for over 30 years and I have NEVER been to a BLS class that I didn't want to fall asleep...not this time. Dennis Agnew my instructor (I say my instructor because I will do all my recertification with Dennis) was engaging and energetic while presenting educational life-saving content. Dennis thank you for making my Saturday morning great! Many Blessings!
Best water safety class I have taken. As foster parents we have to be re-certified for safety issues periodically and this class was efficient, effective, and very enjoyable! Thank you!
Rebecca Long
14:49 18 Sep 19
Our instructor made sure each one of us were precise in each scenario given. He watched us carefully to make sure compressions were given correctly and chest was rising. I would like to have refresher classes not only to help the public but because I have parents who have health issues and a grandbaby due in November.
Missy Early
16:42 30 Sep 19
These guys are the best at what they do. Professional training done at their location or yours. They know how to train without making you sit through another boring lecture class. They make it interesting and fun! You won't forget it.
Beverly S. Lang
19:30 05 Oct 19
Great and affordable certification course! My instructor made learning fun and easy. I would recommend anyone looking for CPR or BLS training here.
Jay C
02:44 13 Oct 19
The class was engaging and informative! The instructors were passionate about it, and provided great real life examples to make the material relevant easy to understand!
Katey Blair
12:20 13 Oct 19
The ACLS class with you instructor Alan was great. He was very knowledgeable and was invested in making sure each of us understood the material. The paperwork was submitted rapidly and cards came smoothly.
Margie Eib
00:29 23 Oct 19
Our instructor was excellent! He was very knowledgeable and included stories from personal experience that were helpful and relevant. Highly recommended.
Aliesha Hansen
05:56 10 Dec 19
Great course mostly because the instructor, Elizabeth, brought so much hands on knowledge and related experience from her time spent on rescue squads and now in the medical field. For professional or personal use, the CPR and first aid courses are a benefit to everyone.
Robert Downer
15:13 23 Dec 19
I have done ACLS and BLS. Classes are wonderful and never boring.Instructors are very knowledgeable and have great personalities. They are hands on instructors who have real life jobs in the medical/ firefighter field.
Celeste Gable
16:26 12 Jan 20
Called last week sometime and took the class last weekend,so you able to get in touch and multiple classes are available,which was important to me. Class and the teacher was great,just a very smooth process.
Melania D
13:57 15 Jan 20
Alan Davis is the The best BLS and ACLS instructor hands down!! Drop the mic! Enjoyed your class(s).
sheila watkins
18:27 16 Feb 20
Taylor was great. She taught me my water safety class. She was informative, funny, and made the meeting less boring. I enjoyed this day! Thank you.
princess norwood
19:46 02 Mar 20
Their CPR Training comes with many years of experience and knowledge. The curriculum is engaging, interesting, and fun. Great experience in learning CPR techniques.
Johnnie Beach
21:21 06 Mar 20
I had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. Will definitely recommend TrioSafety for all my BLS CPR AED & FIRST AID training needs?
15:20 09 May 20


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Birmingham, AL – GoRescue Brands, Inc., a family of five life-saving brands, hired two additional Regional Lifesaving Specialists to meet continued growth and client needs in the emergency response care and CPR+AED space. Taylor Logan of Vestavia Hills (pictured above left) holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Montevallo.  Prior to GoRescue, Taylor […]

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