As a pastor, I continue to be committed to the work of God with my service to my new church and sharing my gift of teaching with those I come in contact with through my job at Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions. God always puts someone in my path both while teaching and serving His church. In order to see what He has for us we need to be receptive to that small voice that is God.

Each time I teach a CPR class I let students know that our team at Trio is there for them through prayer as well as learning the skills they need to save lives. We are here to give students the hands on and spiritual support they need to use the gifts and tools that they are given. Each and every CPR class that we teach, every AED and Bleeding Control Kit we provide, we are giving those we serve the tools and support that they need to save lives.

As we continue to grow both as a company, and as individuals, we will continue to provide service to our brothers and sisters who also desire to be His hands and feet by saving lives. Our desire is to see as many people effectively trained in lifesaving skills to make our communities safer places. That is why we live up to our motto: “Lifesaving Made Easy” – to see our students grow in confidence in their abilities to step up and save a life if they find themselves in that situation. You never know when God may ordain your steps by putting someone in YOUR path who needs the lifesaving gifts and tools you’ve been given.

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