Trio Safety has responded and we remain committed to providing safe, life-saving essential Advanced Level, BLS, CPR AED and First Aid certifications. We have dedicated our time to providing easily accessible classes to Health Care and Lay Providers during this unprecedented period in history. We understand as instructors, as parents, as a family, that your focus is wanting to keep your loved ones and co-workers safe. We are available at any time for questions or concerns about your training needs. It is imperative to maintain and continue our training services to instruct people to provide quality skills to save lives.


Your instructor prepares a safe classroom environment by:

  • asking questions to each of the participants about their current health.
  • cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces according to CDC Guidelines.
  • providing adequate spacing in class for all students.
  • being available for COVID 19 classroom related questions.


Your instructor will lead you in providing essential instructions in a safe and secure environment.

  • There will be 6 feet of separation of students and instructors at all times, as well as no physical contact for the skills pertaining to: Team Dynamics, First Aid Skills and CPR/AED Skills.
  • We provide a 1:1 student-to-manikin ratio. Each student will have their own manikin.
  • Each student will be provided their own breathing barrier when performing skills.
  • We have adapted all skills so they can be performed individually. No contact with other students. Our instructors have unprecedented ability to adapt to delivering these skills and provide you the knowledge and confidence you need.
  • All manikins are disinfected before, during and after class. We follow CDC guidance and manufacturers guidelines.
  • Any other non-disposable equipment, furniture and facilities are also cleaned before class.


Your instructor will decontaminate and clean the classroom again and expedite your certification.

  • All Furniture and Equipment Cleaned and Disinfected.
  • Your certifications are sent to you with no delay or waiting period so you can confidently return to your duties and families.

Thank you for continuing to choose Trio Safety! You have assisted us in becoming the leading CPR/AED/First Aid, BLS, and Advanced Course provider in the Southeast.

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