Why should YOU wear red this Friday?

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans will wear red-colored shirts, pants, shoes, socks, hats, and jackets all on the same day in February – but it’s not to commemorate Valentines Day.  

The American Heart Association helped designate the first Friday in February as National Wear Red Day to help bring awareness to women and heart disease each year.  The AHA reports that heart disease kills approximately one women every 80 seconds.  Anyone can participate by donning one or more articles of red clothing and wearing these to work, school, shopping, or anywhere in the community.  Many participants capture the moment via individual and group pictures that are shared on social media platforms with the hashtag #GoRed or #WearRedandGive.  National Wear Red Day celebrates its 15th year on February 2, 2018.  

Join us in helping spread the word.  Be sure to use hashtag #StopHeartAttack and share your photos.  Anyone who shares their GoRed photo and tags #StopHeartAttack will be entered to win a FREE CPR class!

Wear Red Day 2018

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Brady B. McLaughlin, BA, MS, NREMT, Certified Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, DHS Instructor, & CEO of Stop Heart Attack / Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions

Because of the overwhelming need for quality and adaptive safety training, Brady founded Trio Safety in 2012 to help educate others in the areas of CPR, emergency response, and safety. Brady brings his extensive experience and education in the field of emergency response to the classroom for students to fully engage and understand real life emergency scenerios in the event that someone must perform life-saving CPR or first aid skills. Over 40,000 students have received training through Trio across the country.

Trio has merged with Stop Heart Attack to bring the best variety of affordable and dependable life-saving devices to you, including AEDs and bleeding control kits. Together, Trio & Stop Heart Attack can equip you for success when seconds count.

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