It’s American Heart Month!

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only focus that involves hearts in February.  On December 30, 1963, President Lyndon B. Johnson officially declared February as American Heart Month.  At that time, more than half of the total deaths in the US were caused by cardiovascular disease.

Take some time to evaluate your heart health.  Smart diets, regular exercise, and stress-reducing activities can greatly help improve your cardiac health and keep that pump working for years to come.  Looking for resources to help you or your friends and family learn more?  Visit:

Trio Safety and Stop Heart Attack would be delighted if the CPR we teach and the AEDs we distribute would never again need to be used to save lives.  Until we reach the point of eliminating cardiac arrest events, be sure to keep current your CPR training certification and have ready an AED to respond when seconds count.  The life you save may be your family.

Register for the CPR class and purchase an AED device TODAY!

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Brady B. McLaughlin, BA, MS, NREMT, Certified Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, DHS Instructor, & CEO of Stop Heart Attack / Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions

Because of the overwhelming need for quality and adaptive safety training, Brady founded Trio Safety in 2012 to help educate others in the areas of CPR, emergency response, and safety. Brady brings his extensive experience and education in the field of emergency response to the classroom for students to fully engage and understand real life emergency scenerios in the event that someone must perform life-saving CPR or first aid skills. Over 40,000 students have received training through Trio across the country.

Trio has merged with Stop Heart Attack to bring the best variety of affordable and dependable life-saving devices to you, including AEDs and bleeding control kits. Together, Trio & Stop Heart Attack can equip you for success when seconds count.

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