Trio Safety Merges with Stop Heart Attack!

Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions and Stop Heart Attack are excited to announce our official partnership as we join forces to provide the BEST CPR training and AED devices under one roof!

Stop Heart Attack

Founded in 1999 by Floyd Larkin, SHA is committed to equipping both the ordinary person and the skilled EMS professional with the finest life-saving AED systems for extraordinary life and death circumstances. Larkin later helped found the Lord Wedgwood Charity, which raises funds and donates defibrillators to schools. To date, the charity has placed hundreds of AEDs around the country with at least five documented lives that have been saved. As an avid outdoorsman, golfer, and football fan, Larkin recognizes the great need for public access to life-saving defibrillators and has pioneered public access defibrillation (PAD) programs in multiple cities and states.

Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions

Trio Safety was founded in 2012 by Brady and Malynda McLaughlin out of their basement. Six years later, Trio is thriving! Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Trio also has training sites in Huntsville and Montgomery. It also provides onsite training nationwide. With a dedicated team of 15 instructors on staff, 40 contract instructors, and over 500 affiliate instructors, Trio is committed to providing training that is easy, engaging, and effective. Trio has trained over 40,000 students in the life saving skills of CPR with multiple verified instances of lives saved.

Together, SHA and Trio are passionate about saving lives by equipping communities with the training and tools they need. Are you prepared? Purchase an AED and Sign up for a CPR class today!

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