Each of us are different in the way we retain knowledge and skill. Do you know how you learn best?

Your CPR Certification is for 2 Years and you need to practice often and revisit course materials to be best prepared to save lives. We want CPR training to be affordable, easy and relevant to all people- the lay person to the medically educated individual. How we retain knowledge and how we learn is important in learning CPR.

We all learn differently. There are 4 types of Learners:

  • Auditory Learners: Recite/Retain information presented out loud to remember it
  • Visual Learners: You see/visualize the relationships between ideas
  • Reading/ Writing Learners: Reading/writing and Interacting with text
  • Kinesthetic Learners: Experientially learn or learn by doing

No matter what your learning style, we make sure you are comfortable and confident in your ability and preparedness in an emergency. Our Instructors will put you at ease and equip you with the ability to give a person their best chance of survival in sudden cardiac arrest. Our Classroom gives every learning style the best opportunity to make CPR easy for you to remember and practice:

  • Classroom discussion and feedback for our auditory learners
  • Quality and relevant video material for our visual learners
  • Open resources and notetaking for our reading/writing learners
  • AND our favorite, the hands on component for our kinesthetic learners

At Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions we guarantee that our classes offer the BEST CPR training experience – it’s Easy, Engaging, & Effective. Sign up for a class today!


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