Reflections from my 48 Year Career

As I sit here thinking about what to write, I look back over my career which spans over 48 years of service to mankind. Starting in EMS in 1970 attending the second EMS weekend with a bunch of Birmingham Firefighters including my former boss Chief Tom Bradley and attending the first 81-hour Dunlop class taught at RTI (UAB).

Through my life I have taught many people EMT, First Aid, CPR and AED as well as advanced classes, and other Life Safety classes. I am also a United Methodist Pastor, so I feel that God has always had me where I needed to be to save lives, both to continue to live here on earth as well as preparing them for the afterlife to come. Many times, I have run up on accidents where God has placed me to be able to render care. Recently coming back from a class in Hanceville with another instructor, we were stopped by an off-duty deputy at a wreck in the woods. If we had not been coming down that road at that time, we would not have been able to provide the lifesaving care needed to 3 people until EMS arrived. He always puts us (you) where we (you) are needed.

It is always a blessing to see people who really want to learn how to take care of others in their time of need. As I travel in my current position of Regional Staff Instructor for Trio Safety, providing classes across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida and Tennessee, I see people from all different walks of life and find that no matter where they come from or where they serve, being able to provide the care needed to save someone becomes a very important part of their life. No matter what I am teaching I make sure each student understands the importance of what they are learning and the common sense it takes to do these simple tasks.

Each of us have a gift given to us by God and we are guided by the Holy Spirit to use those gifts as we are called to do. Saving lives is something each of us can do by simply using common sense, placing our hands properly on someone’s chest in cardiac arrest, or putting firm pressure on a severe bleed. Anyone, including you, can save someone’s life in a time of need.

At Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions, our motto is “Lifesaving made easy.” We offer a multitude of classes and lifesaving supplies that can prepare you to save a life when seconds matter most in an emergency. Follow the links below for more information.

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