Birmingham company launches AED program management iOS app

Birmingham, AL – 1 of every 5 AEDs – automated external defibrillators – is not ready to save your life. This sobering fact led three Birmingham-based business owners in the lifesaving industry on a journey to create a cutting-edge solution: AED365.

In early 2018, Brady McLaughlin (CEO), Floyd Larkin (President), and Malynda McLaughlin (Vice President of Brands) began the extensive process of creating and engineering what is now the #1-ranked AED program management iOS app in the in Apple Store. The three leaders are shareholders of Alabama’s leading CPR+AED and bleeding control companies: Stop Heart Attack, Trio Safety CPR+AED, and

AED365 – a total solution for any AED program – launched publicly on June 4, 2020, already services hundreds of AEDs under program management.

AEDs are automated external defibrillators regulated by the FDA to be used by anyone to treat the #1 cause of pre-hospital death: sudden cardiac arrest. AED owners accept responsibility for making sure each of their AEDs works properly during deployment. Just like a car’s maintenance and oil changes, an AED requires a variety of specialized care and inspection tasks to ensure readiness when seconds count.

AED365 was designed to simplify the task of managing an entire AED program. AED365’s powerful yet simple platform helps AED owners gain compliance and readiness in the oftentimes complex world of inspection and legal requirements for AEDs.

Anyone using AED365’s program can start and finish an AED inspection in less than 60 seconds, saving valuable time. PowerPush™ technology keeps AED owners and their team informed via iOS push notifications and emails when activity or expiration deadlines approach. AED365 boasts 33 key features ranging from medical direction, overnighted loaner AEDs, geo-tagging and tracking, responder tracking, and even free battery and pad replacement if an AED is used on an attempted save.

AED365’s main mission is keeping your AED program alive.

AED365 is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, and employs a full-time team locally in Alabama to support clients nationwide in preparing their CPR+AED programs for success, compliance, and readiness.

AED365’s Medical Director – Dr. Amanda Tapley McGriff – shares that “this technology coupled with unparalleled customer support places AED365 as the frontrunner in AED program management solutions nationwide.” The board-certified emergency physician supports the daily oversight, prescriptions, protocol development, and incident reviews of AEDs under AED365.

To find out more and activate your 45-day free trial, visit or call (205) 417-4711.

About Stop Heart Attack | Trio Safety CPR+AED |

In 1997, Stop Heart Attack was founded by Mr. Floyd Larkin to help bring life-saving devices to communities across the United States. By delivering outstanding customer service and AED support, Stop Heart Attack has delivered over 14,000 AEDs to all regions of the country. Some of these AEDs have been used to save lives of victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Our company has rolled out many public access defibrillation programs across the region in cities, churches, and businesses. Stop Heart Attack is a national distributor of all major AED devices, including the brands of Cardiac Science, Defibtech, Heartsine, Philips, Physio Control, and Zoll. Stop Heart Attack is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, and maintains a full-time team focused on supporting all AEDs, technical support, and product replenishment for batteries, pads, and other items. The motto of Stop Heart Attack is Lifesaving Made Easy™. Additionally, Stop Heart Attack promotes and supplies a variety of the best bleeding control devices and training. To find out more, visit | | (205) 823-6967.

In 2012, Brady and Malynda McLaughlin launched Trio Safety CPR+AED to help bring high-quality First Aid, CPR, and AED training to people who need it. Trio has developed an Easy, Engaging, Effective ™ methodology to deliver memorable, compliant courses through the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute, and other nationally recognized curriculum. Every student leaves class with their certification card the same-day, as well as a CPR mask so they are prepared to respond when seconds count. Our instructors are real-world public safety, healthcare, and educational professionals, meaning our students receive only the best classroom and training experience. Trio has built a nationwide network of over 1,500 CPR instructors that have trained over 95,000 students since 2012. Classes are delivered onsite anywhere at businesses, churches, homes, schools, and venues as well as at our training centers across Alabama. To find out more, visit | (205) 440-1000 or (844) CPR-CLASS.

In early 2018, Stop Heart Attack and Trio Safety CPR+AED merged and joined forces with one focused goal: to provide only the best products, services, and training geared towards saving lives through the Chain of Survival.

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