Overcome These 5 Fears of CPR

Would you be ready and willing to perform CPR if you witnessed someone in cardiac arrest?  Some may be hesitant, especially with questions or concerns about getting involved in an emergency situation.  We hope these 5 explanations will help alleviate any of your fears of performing CPR so that when seconds matter, you will be able to save a life.

  1. How to know when CPR is required: There are many instances when a person could experience cardiac arrest, needing CPR immediately.  For example, If someone suddenly collapses, is found unconscious, drowns, or suffers from an electrocution injury, there are two key factors to consider before administrating CPR: 1) Is the victim breathing and 2) do they have a pulse.  If the victim is neither breathing nor has a pulse, call 911 immediately then begin chest compressions and/or rescue breathing AFTER checking to see if the scene is safe.
  2. Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation is not required: Many people hesitate to perform CPR because they are concerned to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.  For those who are not comfortable with mouth-to-mouth or have not received formal training, it is encouraged that they step forward and attempt hands-only CPR without breathing assistance.  It is proven that hands-only CPR can be just as effective for many who have experienced cardiac arrest.
  3. It is normal if ribs crack: The thought of breaking someone’s rib during chest compressions is disconcerting, no doubt. However, it is a sign that good, strong compressions are being administered to the victim.  You may be hesitant to continue CPR at the sound of breaking bone, but keep going.  The victim will survive a broken bone, especially when their life is at stake.
  4. Helping someone is not a liability: The Good Samaritan Laws are specifically intended to protect non-medical professionals and lay rescuers who administer CPR in the event of a medical emergency. Generally speaking, you are protected from lawsuits if you act voluntarily (without specific compensation) to try to help save the life of a person.
  5. CPR Training is available near you: Taking a CPR class can be fun, easy, AND effective! Trio Safety CPR+AED Solutions is YOUR local CPR provider.  We all have loved ones, and 7 out of 10 cardiac arrests happen at home.  Be prepared to save the lives closest to you.  Contact us today to schedule a CPR class near you!
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