• Floyd Larkin, BA
    Floyd Larkin, BA President
  • Brady McLaughlin, MS, NREMT
    Brady McLaughlin, MS, NREMT Founder | CEO
  • Malynda McLaughlin, BA
    Malynda McLaughlin, BA Founder | Brand Director
  • Miranda Burnette, NREMT
    Miranda Burnette, NREMT National Training Director
  • Kristie Moffett
    Kristie Moffett National Operations Director
  • Stephanie Douglas
    Stephanie Douglas Operations Coordinator
  • Brad Skiff, MS, ATC
    Brad Skiff, MS, ATC Senior Training Manager
  • Warren Knight, AAS, EMT-P
    Warren Knight, AAS, EMT-P Senior Training Manager
  • Dennis Agnew, BS, EMT-P
    Dennis Agnew, BS, EMT-P Regional Staff Instructor
  • Cari Sewell
    Cari Sewell Training Support Specialist
  • Alan Davis, NRP
    Alan Davis, NRP ACLS & PALS Program Coordinator
  • Carol Davis, BA
    Carol Davis, BA Training Asst. Coordinator
  • Chris Burnette
    Chris Burnette Staff Instructor
  • Tyrone Fornest, BA, NREMT
    Tyrone Fornest, BA, NREMT Training Enhancement Coordinator
  • Bruce Mills, NRP
    Bruce Mills, NRP Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager
  • Rob Drake, JD
    Rob Drake, JD Staff Instructor
  • Jean Roberson, BSN, RN
    Jean Roberson, BSN, RN Staff Instructor
  • Deanna Knight, M.Ed.
    Deanna Knight, M.Ed. Staff Instructor
  • Taylor Bartlett
    Taylor Bartlett Training Assistant
  • Neika Morgan, MA
    Neika Morgan, MA Staff Instructor
  • Victor Churchill
    Victor Churchill Staff Instructor/ARC Specialist
  • Ben Hughes, RN, NRP
    Ben Hughes, RN, NRP Staff Instructor
  • Elizabeth Davis, RN, MSN
    Elizabeth Davis, RN, MSN Staff Instructor
  • Becky Cornelius, RN, MSN
    Becky Cornelius, RN, MSN Staff Instructor
  • Rob Slane, BSN
    Rob Slane, BSN Critical Preparedness Coordinator
  • Alan Nummy, BA, NREMT
    Alan Nummy, BA, NREMT Staff Instructor
  • Daniel Mills, NRP
    Daniel Mills, NRP Staff Instructor
  • Billy Green, BA, CLEM
    Billy Green, BA, CLEM Social Media Coordinator
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